Wedding toilet hire: 5 tips for choosing the right toilet for your wedding

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In the five years that we have been helping you set up Tipi Villages for your wedding, many of you have asked us questions about hiring mobile toilets for your wedding. We have even decided since 2019, to develop our own range of mobile toilets:


However, you are still free to choose your sanitary service provider and we would like to continue to provide you with all the necessary information in this article to help you make the right choice according to your needs between chemical wedding toilet hire, dry wedding toilet hire, sanitary bungalow hire and we are going to tell you all about it...

How do you choose between renting dry toilets, renting chemical wedding toilets and renting sanitary bungalows?

There are 3 types of mobile toilet rental adapted to an event such as a wedding: dry toilet rental, chemical toilet rental and toilet bungalow rental. What are the differences between the 3? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these mobile toilet solutions? This is what we will explain to you.


Dry toilet hire

wedding wc rental

Photo credits: Mon Wedding Camping by Ça Me Tente

Dry toilet hire, otherwise known as compost toilet hire, involves hiring out toilet cubicles designed specifically for use without water or chemicals. Often made of wood, they are very aesthetically pleasing and are as easy to install as chemical toilets as they do not require a connection or drainage system.

How it works: contrary to popular belief, dry toilets are very simple to use. The organic matter (faeces and urine) is covered with other plant waste (wood shavings, straw) called "litter", which creates an anti-odour and anti-humidity filter.

Budget:their price is roughly comparable to chemical toilet rental. Count on between 250 and 350 € for the rental of a dry toilet marriage excluding delivery costs. If you opt for a separate dry toilet, the price will be a little higher. Here again, prices are often degressive if you rent several composting toilets for your wedding.

Advantages: aesthetic, eco-friendly, each pass saves an average of 6 litres of water.

Disadvantages: still subject to certain prejudices.

How to calculate your dry toilet needs in a simple way?

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Chemical toilet rental

chemical toilet rental

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Chemical wedding toilet hire, otherwise known as self-contained toilet hire or mobile toilet hire, involves hiring out toilet cubicles designed specifically for outdoor use. Made of moulded polypropylene, they are very easy to install on all types of terrain as they are self-sufficient in water and electricity.

How it works: chemical toilets are very easy to use, consume little water but require the use of chemicals to dissolve organic matter and reduce odours. NB: some service providers now offer chemical toilet hire using only so-called biodegradable cleaning products, i.e. they do not contain formaldehyde, an environmentally polluting component.

Budget: count between 200 and 300 € for the rental of a wedding toilet excluding delivery costs. The rates are often degressive if you choose to rent several wedding toilets.

Advantages: price, availability

Disadvantages: aesthetics sometimes reminiscent of construction cabins


 The rental of a sanitary bungalow

rental of sanitary bungalow

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Principle: sanitary bungalow rental, otherwise known as sanitary caravan rental, consists of renting several sanitary facilities in modular constructions: generally from 2 to 8 units. Some models are said to be connectable, i.e. requiring a connection to water and electricity, while other models are completely autonomous.

Operation: sanitary caravans have the same type of operation as chemical toilets. The sanitary bungalows are often of the connectable type. Both provide additional comfort through sound and heat insulation and can be fitted with additional options such as hand wash basins, mirrors, heating, hand dryers, interior and exterior lighting.

Budget: count between 1000 and 3000 € for the rental of a caravan or a sanitary bungalow, excluding delivery costs, depending on the number of sanitary units and options chosen for your wedding.

Benefits: comfort, insulation

Disadvantages: price, size


Which service providers should I turn to for wedding toilet hire?

By typing the keywords "wedding toilet hire" into Google, you will get many links to companies offering mobile toilet hire. However, we advise you to look for companies that specialise in event toilet hire but are also located as close as possible to your venue. Indeed, if the rates (generally charged by the weekend) are quite comparable between the different rental agencies for mobile toilets adapted for use in the context of a wedding, the cost of transport (2 return trips to be planned) could make a big difference on the final price. So don't hesitate to add your department in your search keywords and compare the distances from your place of installation to the pre-selected companies.


How far in advance should I book my wedding toilet hire?

As with all equipment hire companies, it is best to book as early as possible and this is even more true for wedding toilet hire. Indeed, depending on the model chosen (for example, dry toilet hire) and on the location of your reception, you may be confronted with a limited supply of service providers offering this type of service and be obliged to call on a service provider further away from your area (with a higher final cost), if you book too late. So remember to finalise your mobile toilet hire as soon as possible.


What if you made your own wedding WC?

wedding wc rental

Making your own dry toilet is very easy. All you have to do is make a wooden box strong enough to support the weight of a person, cover it with a toilet seat, and then attach a container underneath to hold wood chips and organic matter. All that's missing is a few planks of wood to form a cabin, a string of lights and that's it!

How can I add a touch of fun to my wedding WC?

wedding wc rental
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Whether you have opted to hire a chemical toilet, a dry toilet or a luxury sanitary caravan, there are a few things you can do to dress up your mobile sanitary unit that will make a big difference to the look of your venue... Dressing the walls of your wedding toilet with foliage to camouflage the outside, adding pretty details such as small bouquets of flowers, baskets of toilet paper, towels for wiping hands, pretty soaps and candles inside... All these attentions to your guests will certainly enhance the aesthetics of your portable toilet.

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