Terms & Conditions

Any rent of tents with the company çA ME TENTE imply that the customer should agree with general terms of sale specified below.


Booking becomes effective only with the agreement of the company ÇA ME TENTE, after reception of the deposit and the duly completed and signed booking form. Bookings only bind the company ÇA ME TENTE if ÇA ME TENTE accepted them, what ÇA ME TENTE is free to make or to refuse, according to the availability, and generally speaking any circumstances likely to damage the execution of the made booking. For bookings received more than 30 days before the beginning of the rent, a not refundable deposit of 30 % is required.The balance is payable 30 days before the delivery date. For the bookings made less than 30 days before the delivery date, a full payment is required.


The hire charges are based on the assumption that the site which has been choosen by the customer is flat, grassy and not flood, with an access allowing the passage of delivery truck. The customer should indicate the wished place of pitching of tents or by means of a plan and or by means of pictures which have to be transmitted with the booking or by its presence on the site during the set up of tents. If on arrival on the site, a distance of more than 20 meters separates the site of car park of the site of installation of tents, a surchage can be applied. In certain circumstances, such as the use of private grounds, the customer is responsible for obtaining any prior authorization for pitching tents. All the expenses committed by delays or modifications in the work resulting from the absence or from the wrong statement of all necessary authorizations will be payable to the company ÇA ME TENTE. The customer will be responsible for all the additional costs committed for the company ÇA ME TENTE if the booked equipment could not be set up because of errors of measure, various levels of height or complications bound to the site and about which the company would not have been noticed. The customer will be responsible for all the expenses committed by the company ÇA ME TENTE due to customer’s willness when the erection of tents began. In the case of booking of electric equipment (ex: king size mattress), a power access must be supplied by the customer less than 50 meters from the site.


All our rents imply a damage deposit on products rented, intended to cover the possible damage or the damages, to replace any damaged or missing equipment, or cleaning charges if the equipment required a restoration more important than the classic final cleaning. The financial responsibility of the customer can be engaged beyond the amount of the damage deposit, if the repair of the damage requires it. This damage deposit which is 150 euros per tent will be required at the time of the delivery of tents and will be refunded at the end of the rent or at the latest under 10 days, deduction made of the possible charges of restoration chargeable to the customer. The cleaning of tents has to be made by the customer who undertakes to give back the equipement clean and in the same state the equipement was delivered : swept groundsheets, swollen mattresses, duvet and linen folded and separate . If the cleaning is not made by the customer,, a 50-euro charge per tent will be retained on the damage deposit. Any reserve on the state of the rented equipment must be noticed to us at the time of the inventory of tents made with our delivery team.


The customer makes a commitment to pay the expenses of repairs or replacement of the rented equipment whatever is the cause of the repairs, except those due to the normal use . The repairs will be exclusively made by the renter, chargeable to the customer. All equipments and accessories wich reparation is technically or economically impracticable must be paid to çA ME TENTE by the customer at the price of replacement or the equivalent of the sale price VAT less 15 % of dilapidation a year since the acquisition date of the equipment by ÇA ME TENTE.


Modifications of your booking can be made free of charge. Any modification/cancellation of your booking must be made by mail and sent to çA ME TENTE with registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and at least 30 days before the delivery date of your tents. The deadlines are calculated in the date of reception of the registered letter with acknowledgement . In case of modification, if the number of tents comes to fall strongly (more than 20 %) with regard to the initial estimate, the company reserves the right to modify or to cancel the established estimate without the deposit can be refunded to the customer . In case of complete cancellation of your booking more than 30 days before the set up date, the compensation is 100 % of the booking. In case of cancellation because of çA ME TENTE, except in case of force majeure (including incompatible weather conditions with the set up of tents), the booking will be totally refunded. This cancellation cannot however give right to the payment of damages.


The rent comes into effect when the customer takes up the equipement for the duration indicated to the rental agreement. and end in dates and times indicated to the rental agreement .. The risks will be transferred to the client as soon as the equipement had been set up . The customer will assume the equipment under its full responsibility, this one undertakes to use it in any circumstances in “good father”.


The rented equipment is intended for the only use of the customer, without any possibility of subletting, or loan even for free. The customer agree to use it with care, without danger for third parties according to regulations in force. The customer agrees to keep the tents completely closed and secure when they are not used during the period of rent. The customer must not alter the structure of the tent or a part of the equipment and in particular not to fix or to suspend any element without the written consent of ça ME TENTE. The customer agrees not to use quite typical of lighting, heating, equipment of cooking or other gas appliances or electric of all kinds, other than what is planned and appropriate to use, inside tents, without the prior written consent of the company ÇA ME TENTE. Any equipment of cooking or use of gas appliances of all kinds is unauthorized inside the tents. Any source of flames used near the tent is the responsibility of the customer. Animals are not authorized inside tents except seeing eye dogs. Smoking is not allowed inside the tents. çA ME TENTE disclaim all liability in case of wounds or of damage to people or to the properties undergone during the period of rent. Equipments, Barbecue or fires /lights must be placed in a minimum of 3 meters from the tent and not be left unsupervised during their use. In certain circumstances, such as the use of private sites, the customer is responsible for the obtention of any prior authorization for the set up of tents. Any equipment furnished is recognized to be taken clean, in good condition and must be give back in the same condition./p>


çA ME TENTE could not be held responsible for delays to deliver the rented equipment, delays due to reasons independent from its will, in particular in case of accidents, in case of delays due to difficult traffic conditions , incompatible weather conditions with the set up of tents, strikes, Force majeure, etc. … and no refund can be made. In such circumstances, çA ME TENTE will make its best efforts to make available to the customer an equipement of superior or equal quality according to its available stocks and will avert the customer as soon as possible. The company is not responsible the inflating of the airbeds during the period of rent. Airbeds are inflated in the beginning of rent but the heat, the number of uses, the duration of rent, can entrainer a light deflation of mattresses. It is up to the customer to reinflate them if need be with the integrated air pump system included in every mattress or with the wireless electric air pump supplied by ÇA ME TENTE.


All the informations you may communicate us during your booking process remains confidential, they will not be transmitted to third party. They will be only used by the company for the processing of your booking and to strengthen and personalize the communication and the range of services reserved for the customers of çA ME TENTE. According to the law and the liberties of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access, a rectification, and an opposition to the personal data concerning you. You just have to make the request by mail at çA ME TENTE, Espace Commercial Fréjorgues Ouest, 174 rue Georges Guynemer, 34130 Mauguio, and indicating us your name, first name and address.


Has the expiration of the duration of rent, planned to the contract, in case of non-return or in case of not regulation of a partial invoice, the customer remains responsible for the equipment which he has in his ownership. His return is compulsory for the expiration of the period of rent planned under the punishments planned by the article 314-1 of the New Penal code, without it has there grounds for sending a formal demand by registered letter with recorded delivery and without the customer can call any upon hindrance.


The claims which arise during the execution of the contract must be noticed as quickly as possible to the company by telephone (+33 411.932 226) with our customer service or by e-mail at contact@cametente.com so that a solution can be searched for as soon as possible. Claims which will have been impossible to handle during the period of rent or which will not have been resolved in a satisfactory way, must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt within one month after the end of the rent at : çA ME TENTE, Espace Commercial Fréjorgues Ouest, 174 rue Georges Guynemer, 34130 Mauguio. We draw your attention on the fact that the fast description of a claim will allow an effective treatment of this one.


The present contract is subjected to the French law. In case of any contesting concerning the present contract, and for lack of the amicable settlement, the competent court will be the one of the head office of the company is the court of Montpellier, France.

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